Djembe Drums Retail

At we sell exlusive and premium quality djembe drums and other musical instruments from west Africa. Every single djembe drum or djembe drum shell is carefully hand selected and custom built. All carvings on djembemafia drums are result of the work of the best malian and guinean carvers up to date. All shells are transported to the Czech Republic where are finished with maximum care and love. Using the best material and technical enhancements as multiple oiling, waxing, clearing, best possible ropes and others, brings you the absolutly unique and unmistakable hitches designs, look and sound quality! I select carefully each goat, calf or cow skin specifically for each djembe shell to achieve the best sound and design results. I use only the best pre-stretched high firmness and low dilatability ropes. All djembemafia made djembes last high tune and great look much longer than other lower quality ropes usually used on the most of other djembes. Unique and original hitches designs are unmistakable signature of djembemafia drums nad makes every single piece rare original in the highest quality.

  • Premium Line
    Premium Line

    Premium Line djembe drums are finished only by Several oilings and polishing, waxing, un-stained rings, only the best pre-stretch ropes, hand selected premium goat and calf malian and guinean skins, perfect sound, the highest artistic quality carvings, all kinds of mahagon wood, custom build djembes and absolutely unique design and unbeatable finishing quality above all. That all has each Premium Line djembe drum! Premium Line djembes are finished with maximum care, consistence and creativity. Djembemafia Premium Line djembes are unbeatable design, sound and quality!

  • Import Line
    Import Line

    In this category you find djembe drums made and finished in Africa. Same as drums finished by me, are these drums made and skinned with maximum care and professionality. They don´t have djembemafia original hithces designs, pre-stretched ropes, colour combinations, hand selected skins to each djembe shell, rubber bottom, waxing etc. Npne of these facts doesn´t lower their beuty, professionality and strong clear sound. Same carvers works on Premium and Import Line djembe drums. All Import Line djembes are, compared to other djembe drums, mounted using high quality european ropes. All mentioned differences between Premium and Import Line djembes are displayed in price. Welcome new line of professional djembes sold for the same price as the others do, but providing you with much better sound and overal quality!

  • L size Drums
    L size Drums

    Here you find L size djembe drums with aproximate dimensions 30 x 55 cm (12" x 22"). If not written else, all L size djembe drums are made from hard mahagon wood. All djembe drums are carved by master carvers from Mali and Guinea. Unlike other imported djembe drums, are our L size djembe drums mounted using only high quality european ropes which, in combination with perfect goat skins, provides you with real strong and clear sound. Thanks to top finishing and crafting process you will play all three basic tones with ease. L size djembe drums are perfect choice for beginner drummers, kids and even adult players who doesen´t need a big drums.

  • Djembe Shells
    Djembe Shells

    In this category you will find professional djembe drum shells retail. All my djembe drums are made from traditional hard exotic woods. We offer you not only classic shapes varieties like Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso shapes, but also brand new djembemafia exclusive original djembe shapes I personally created for you - Torisikila (aka "Mushroom"), Ivory Coast, Senegal and Mali Burkina shape. We offer you as well one special new exclusive carving style called Diamond. You can choose from broad range of shapes, wood types, sizes, carving levels of our djembe drum shells. Each djembe shells icludes polished 8mm stainless steel rings! Don´t miss other provided services like complete woodcare (sanding+oiling+finishing or rubberfoot. You can choose from wide range of special professional pre-stretched djembe ropes. Contact me for djembe shells, skins or finished drums wholesale and get exclusive prices!

  • Thomas Guei Signature Series
    Thomas Guei Signature Series

    Djembemafia proudly presents to you the brand new djembe drums from long awaited Thomas Guei Signature Series collection! The whole collection consits of just 10 very special djembe drums. Thomas Guei is one of the very best djembe masters (djembefolas) in the world. Thomas comes from the Ivory Coast, and is famous for his amazing djembe technic, djembe sounds, unbelieavable speed, melodies and most of all, for his unmistakable unique musical language. His refined taste isn't only in his muscal production, but the choice of his instrument - his personal djembe drums as well. All djembe drums from the Thomas Guei Signature Series underlie a strict selection and specific criteria which Thomas insists for each of his own personal drums. The crucial criterion is the dimension. The smallests djembe drum form the whole series has a 36cm width head, the playing surface. The smallest one! You will even find such a big beast at 39,5 cm among them! All these djembe drums are made only from very hard, dense and slow growing african woods. The tree needed to build such a big drum is at least 100 years old. Only this fact makes the tree itself, its wood and the drums built from it very rare and valuable. All djembe drums from the Thomas Guei Signature Series are skinned with rare "djembefola" spotted thick goat skins. They all have a white or black tackless rubber foot and special decorative tack work which accents the artistic carvings. Only the most precious and expensive materials were used to build these djembe drums and they were carried out with the maximum of care, love, effort and time. I´m honoured to present to you the result of collaboration between Djembemafia and one of the best djembe players in the world, Thomas Guei. I build all my drums with love, as I would build them for myself. It is a Djembamafia standard. Those were built with the same love and effort and according to the specific demands and needs of Thomas Guei. You can see if he likes the result by yourself on the video sound checks Thomas Guei recorded for each particular djembe drum from the collection, chosen himself with pleasure.