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  • Djembe Bags
    Djembe Bags

    Here you will find top quality handcrafted professional djembe bags and hats. Stuffed top, bottom and sides for maximum protection of your djembe drum. Very soft inside. Zip protection. Two big side pockets. Top and side grab handle. Horizontal and vertical opening for easier manipulation with your djembe drum. Solid durable material! Fits perfectely to your back! Best choice for your djembe drum! Lsize drum bags now in stock as well!

  • Djembe Ropes
    Djembe Ropes

    Here you will find professional pre-stretched ropes designed specially for djembe drums! You can choose from wide range of colours and colour combos and sometimes even thicknes.

  • Earplugs

    Here you find the best professional earplugs for djembe players out on the market! Safe ears and maximum music and drumming experience! personally proven!

  • T-Shirts
  • Djembe Straps
    Djembe Straps

    In this category you will find professional plypropylen djembe straps. Perfect for playing your djembe drum in the standing position. A lot of color varieties to choose from. Great professional high durability djembe straps only with Djembemafia!

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