In this category you will find professional djembe drum shells retail. All my djembe drums are made from traditional hard exotic woods. We offer you not only classic shapes varieties like Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso shapes, but also brand new djembemafia exclusive original djembe shapes I personally created for you - Torisikila (aka "Mushroom"), Ivory Coast, Senegal and Mali Burkina shape. We offer you as well one special new exclusive carving style called Diamond. You can choose from broad range of shapes, wood types, sizes, carving levels of our djembe drum shells. Each djembe shells icludes polished 8mm stainless steel rings! Don´t miss other provided services like complete woodcare (sanding+oiling+finishing or rubberfoot. You can choose from wide range of special professional pre-stretched djembe ropes. Contact me for djembe shells, skins or finished drums wholesale and get exclusive prices!