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Do you want to learn speak djembe? Group djembe drumming classes doesn´t satisfy you anymore or you cannot take them because of time? Or you just want to go in subjective professional djembe drum care and make your djembe drum skills jump forward? Don´t hesitate and try private djembe lessons!

Group djembe drumming classes are great. But it never cover all your needs and possibility to exploit your djembe potential to the max. In the contrary, the private djembe class focus just on you, your wishes and needs. It enables to focus on your correct djembe technic, rhythmical feeling, clear and calm playing style, musical specialities of West African music and many other musical atributes.

I have many years of experience with giving private djembe lessons. During years I developed special program of different rhythmical and motional exercises to achieve correct basic and enhanced djembe technic, specific rhythmical catchiness of West African music, rhythmical feeling, solo playing progress and groove.

I give regularly private djembe classes to beginners, intermediate, semi-professional and professional musicians such as Vítek Halaska (percussion player of David Koller Band), Jiří Vass (soloist of Aneboafro), Jan Vorlíček (Barati Squad) and many others.

You don´t have to be alone to take private djembe lesson. But with respect to the character of education is the maximum number of students strictly limitted to three. Price stays the same.

Begin to really play djembe. Try it. I´m here for you!

Price for 1 class: 25 euro