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Ivory Coast Djembe and Dance trip with Thomas Guei 2022

Let's go to Africa together! We are super excited and very happy to announce upcoming djembe, dundun and dance trip to Ivory Cost with the one and only Thomas Guei in January and February 2022!

You can prepare yourself for a unique and intensive drum and/or dance life experience! The whole event will take place in Grand Bassam and Abidjan starting from Sunday 30.1. and finishing on Sunday 20. 2. 2022. Everyday class with Thomas will be accompanied by professional musicians, members of his local band. Every Wednesday afternoon (or any free time at your will) will be set a special time for private classes on other instruments like Kora, N´Goni, Balafon, Krin or anything you demand. Every morning drum class shall start with short dance class. The intention is to make all students understand deeper what and why they learn and play during the drum classes and should help us understand way better the music and its meaning. You can choose between 2 or 3 weeks option, but we strongly recommend the full party! You can choose if you want to participate in drum or dance professional classes. The dance workshop is led by a great dancer Adeline Dehi and it’s mainly organised by Robert de Decker, our team concentrates on the drummers, but both drummers and dancers can apply with us for sure! Both dance and drumming classes will be held in the same space, but far enough not to disturb each other by sound and noise. We will go to see many different local festivals, musical events and concerts. Big final concert with Thomas and his band included! There will be as well a different trip every weekend outside the city to see and experience the beauties of local nature and culture. Regarding that, we should also mention Grand Bassam is and ocean city with almost neverending sand beaches. Money gathered by this event will be donated to the local music school Thomas Guei is supporting during years. You can apply via Djembemafia fb and ig page, or by email

!!! The deposit 400(350 for dance workshop) has to be paid before the 10. 12. 2021 !!!

We will send you the bank details with your apply confirmation. With that we will also send you wider info and recommendation notes on what to be prepared for, what take with you etc. We will help with the visa and finding and organising the flight tickets for you. We will put more information here in time but feel free to contact me to ask and find more info.

Drum workshopDance workshop

3 weeks price: 13503 weeks price: 1200

2 weeks price: 9502 weeks price: 850

The price includes:

- 30 hours of djembe and dundun class with Thomas Guei a week

or 25 hours of dance class with Adeline Dehi a week

- food 3 times a day

- accommodation (very clean and safe)

- transport from and to the airport

- final big concert with Thomas Guei (all together)

- translators for non-french speakers

- traveling to and studying in two different towns with Thomas Guei

The price doesn't include:

- flight tickets

- vaccinations needed to get to the country

- other expanses