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  • 14 500,00 Kč

    Beautifull eight-stringed malian N´Goni harp made from hard mahagon haré wood. Artistic carved neck with metal tuning system. Beautiful and clear sound. Professional N´Goni. Let your heart flow with charming sounds of this professional N´Goni. Bag included!

  • 2 000,00 Kč

    Traditional malian one string harp Djeli N´goni. Professional metal tuning system. You change to diferent tones by pressing the string by your other hand one the exact diferrent places. There is beauty in simplicity! Exclusively available only with Djebemafia!Great price!

  • 14 000,00 Kč

    Professional 8-stringed N´Goni from Malil. Guitar tuning system with metal plugs for the most precise tuning. Two pairs of the bass strings attached. 1,5 cm distance between strings for easier playing and smooth technic. Designed for professional use. That sweet calm sound definetly seduce your heart. Don´t miss that chance to get really top class pro...

  • 22 800,00 Kč

    Djembemafia proudly presents first batch of professional koras, made by the best and only czech maker and kora player J.Mugrauer. Based on longtime experience only the best quality materials are chosen and all wooden parts are handcrafted from selected wood to achieve the best possible sound and instrument quality. All koras made by this master are...

  • 22 000,00 Kč

    Highly professionaly hand made kora from famous czech kora player and maker. Pefect in all details. Beautiful clear and strong sound. Strong and carefully selected gourd. Hard solid handmade and hand carved construction. Metal pegs for perfect tuning. Made from exotic wood. Simple beauty for your eyes and touch, harmony for your ears and mind!

  • 23 000,00 Kč

    Amazing professional kora made by famous czech kora maker and player J.Mugrauer. Now exclusively for! Perfect work, hard solid construction, funcional details, professional tuning system, perfect warm sound. Your new lover desperatly awaits you!

  • 22 000,00 Kč

    Professional Kora made by czech master crafter J.Mugrauer. This beauty is one of his first creations. Metal tuning system. Hand made neck and grabs. Beautiful charming sound and professional finish. Fall in love at first look and hear. 

  • 14 500,00 Kč

    Beautiful eight-stringed professional N´Goni harp from Mali. Metal european tuning system, perfect finish and wonderful sound! Bag included!

  • 14 700,00 Kč

    Astonishing top quality professional N´goni harp from Mali. Perfectly carved hardwood neck and bridge. European metal plugs tuning system. 12 strings. High quality goat skin. Beautiful warm sound and wide tone spectre. This beauty is ready to play the nicest smooth melodies. Bag included!