In this category you find djembe drums made and finished in Africa. Same as drums finished by me, are these drums made and skinned with maximum care and professionality. They don´t have djembemafia original hithces designs, pre-stretched ropes, colour combinations, hand selected skins to each djembe shell, rubber bottom, waxing etc. Npne of these facts doesn´t lower their beuty, professionality and strong clear sound. Same carvers works on Premium and Import Line djembe drums. All Import Line djembes are, compared to other djembe drums, mounted using high quality european ropes. All mentioned differences between Premium and Import Line djembes are displayed in price. Welcome new line of professional djembes sold for the same price as the others do, but providing you with much better sound and overal quality!

  • 7 100,00 Kč

    Professional djembe drum madre from red mahagony variety wood called Diala. Great sound with big tone and slap difference and strong bass. Very high sharp slap sounds. Natural born soloist! No carvings at all. Enjoy the flawless clean shape, look and sound. Professional djembe drum of the highest quality.

  • 6 000,00 Kč

    Perfect guinean djembe body shape. Hard Haré wood. Ggorgeous rich full sharp sound with big tone and slap difference. No carvings at all. Great shape, look and sound. This particular djembe drum arrived with crack in the leg. It has been sealed and repaired but still there is exclusive lowered price ont this djembe drum so don´t miss it.

  • 6 400,00 Kč

    Professional djembe drum from Mali. New Djembemafia Senegal djembe drum shape. No carvings at all. Simple look, simple way, clear statement. Enjoy its perfect rich sound with big tone and slap difference.

  • 7 000,00 Kč

    Professional djembe drum from Mali. Decent artistic carvings, red mahagony wood called Diala, thick malian goat skin, high quality european ropes. Perfect full rich sound with big tone and slap difference. Amazing Diala djembe drum with strong clear sound! Exclusive black colour decor!

  • 8 000,00 Kč

    Professional djembbe drum from Mali. Decent artistic carvings, hardwood called Haré, thick malian goat skin, high quality low stretch european ropes. The same ones I´m using for whole my Premium Line! Perfect clear sound with big tone and slap difference. Extra thick malian goat skin. Brand new Djembemafia original djembe drum shape called Senegal....

  • 6 000,00 Kč

    New Import Line series is here! Taste the best possible quality professional djembe drum made and finished in Africa! Final tuning and oilind done by me. Beautiful red mahagon Diala wood. Perfect skin over witzhou hair design. High quality europeans rope! Very clear, strong and beautiful sound for unbeatable price!

  • 6 200,00 Kč

    Thiis handsome from rare Dougura wood looks elegant, but soesn´t hesitate to shoot without warning. This professional djembe drum rules by that mighty slaps, you have to kneel and obey his sound. Who tame him finds the best djembe lover!

  • 6 300,00 Kč

    Cool spotted malian goat skin.Perfectly done sking over with hair. Crackless Lenké wood. Super strong, clear and nice sound! What else you want from your new professional djembe drum? This gun simply got it!

  • 6 200,00 Kč

    Next beautifully carved Goni wood preofessional djembe drum from Import Line series. Nice wood drawing takes attention of every lover of high quality djembe drums. Perfečctly done skin over with hair, super skin and strong sound. What are you waiting for?