Premium Line djembe drums are finished only by Several oilings and polishing, waxing, un-stained rings, only the best pre-stretch ropes, hand selected premium goat and calf malian and guinean skins, perfect sound, the highest artistic quality carvings, all kinds of mahagon wood, custom build djembes and absolutely unique design and unbeatable finishing quality above all. That all has each Premium Line djembe drum! Premium Line djembes are finished with maximum care, consistence and creativity. Djembemafia Premium Line djembes are unbeatable design, sound and quality!

  • 9 500,00 Kč

    Professional djembe drum from Mali for sale. Unique double wave design. Decent artistic carving, tackless rubber foot and djembefola style guinean goat skin with amazing pattern.Two different typs of the wave hitches design were used on this djembe drum.Great sound with big tone and slap difference! Very reasonable price!

  • 13 700,00 Kč

    Professional djembe drum. New djembemafia original Ivory Coast djembe shape. Rare djembefola calf skin. Djembemafia original and exclusive black djembe drum, white tackless rubber foot and white decorative tack work accomopanied by polished stainless steel rings and original cross hitches design. Astonishing sound and look makes this drum a true precious!

  • 12 000,00 Kč

    Professional africain djembe drum from Mali. Brand new Djembemafia orignal djembe drum shape called Senegal. Unique wave hitches design in irresistible color combo, best ropes, poklished stainelss steel rings, tackless rubber foot and of course just perfect sound with big tone and slap difference. Very nice sharp slaps. Great looking and sounding solo...

  • 12 000,00 Kč

    Professional africain djembe drum from Mali. Classical malian round djembe drum shape. Unique wave hitches design. Best ropes, gret weight, polished stainelss steel rings and tackless rubber foot are a sure thing! beautiful malian spotted goat skin provides this djembe drum with superb sound qualities with big tone andslap difference. Enjoy this beautiful...

  • 9 800,00 Kč

    Unique djembe shell, unique finshing. Custom build professional djembe drum from Diala wood. Special extended hitches goes with design of beautiful carving on the head of the djembe drum. Carefully selected premium "djembefola" skin and precise execution of this beauty makes from this djembe a true beast, a true king! Everybody stare effect. One of a kind...

  • 7 800,00 Kč

    Grant yourself something really specil. The most rare mahagon wood Guelle. Perfect beautyful carvings. Uncompromising design! Doubled top hitches, Extended bottom hitches. Perfectly finished professional djembe drum. Absolut perfect clear sound with big distance between tone and slap tones. Agent Orange is not like any other drum. Professional drum with...

  • 7 500,00 Kč

    Professional djembe drum from Mali. Elegant visage with brand new criss-cross hitches design. Perfectly done skin over with hair. Nice, strong but melodic sound. VIDEO

  • 9 300,00 Kč

    Next pieace from new custom built djembe drum shells with extended inner hole. Unique wave design is back! Real exceptional djembe drum shape and look, very rare malian "djembefola" goat skin, rubber foot and mind-blowing hitches work. Taste and enjoy beauty of the astounding look and power of the unique sound! Hurry up, this fat beast goes fast!

  • 9 700,00 Kč

    Absolutly unique djembe shape. Very old malian professional djembe drum shell. Absolutly awesome medium thin black malian calf skin! Rubber foot. Djembemafia original "fire" like looking cross bottom hitches and double top hitches. Flawless wood. The unique shape and perfect calf skin provides the best possible djembe sound you can imagine. Very rare...