Premium Line djembe drums are finished only by Several oilings and polishing, waxing, un-stained rings, only the best pre-stretch ropes, hand selected premium goat and calf malian and guinean skins, perfect sound, the highest artistic quality carvings, all kinds of mahagon wood, custom build djembes and absolutely unique design and unbeatable finishing quality above all. That all has each Premium Line djembe drum! Premium Line djembes are finished with maximum care, consistence and creativity. Djembemafia Premium Line djembes are unbeatable design, sound and quality!

  • 12 000,00 Kč

    Truly exceptional professional djembe drum made from red mahagony wood called Diala. Mounted with horse skin which provides this djembe with truly unique sound! Experience very deep tones and unmistekable colorful slap tones. Breathtaking artistic carvin, rubber foot and wonderful design. Many times sanded, oiled and polished wood. Unique design and...

  • 9 800,00 Kč

    Professional djembe drum from the hardest guelle wood. Perfect guinean djembve body shape and amazing wood texture. Original djembemafia special bottom ring hitches. Siple yet artistic carving on the bottom of the djembe leg. Absolutely perfect sound provided by superb medium thick calf skin. Big tone and slap difference! Rubber foot. Amazing looking...

  • 9 800,00 Kč

    Beuatiful professional djembe drum made from hard Haré wood. No carvings at all. Enjoy the pure perfect malian shape in great retro like color design. Perfect smooth skin overlap, rubber foot, great color combo and superb sound provided with medium thick ivorian goat skin. True delight for djembe lovers! VIDEO

  • 10 000,00 Kč

    Beuatiful professional djembe drum made from hardest wood called Guelle. Unique Djembem,afia original double cross hitches design look. Great goat skin provides this beast with very sharp full rich sound and deep tones. Astonishing artistic carving and smooth wood finish. Grant yourself something truly special. Exceptional djembe drum! VIDEO

  • 7 600,00 Kč

    Top quality professional djembe from Mali. Guinea style shell. Excelent artistic carvings on the leg and head of the drum. Smooth interior. Very strong and clear sound. Perfectly done skin over design with special double rope design. This tyger awaits his new tamer!

  • 8 000,00 Kč

    Exceptional professional djembe from Mali. Made from the hardest wood useing for makeing djembes - Guelle. Very rare and expensive wood. Extended hitches with special cross design. Nice white djembefola skin. Beautiful and precise carvings on the leg. So great instrument!

  • 9 800,00 Kč

    Unique djembe shell, unique finshing. Custom build professional djembe drum from Diala wood. Special extended hitches goes with design of beautiful carving on the head of the djembe drum. Carefully selected premium "djembefola" skin and precise execution of this beauty makes from this djembe a true beast, a true king! Everybody stare effect. One of a kind...

  • 7 600,00 Kč

    This beautiful professional djembe drum from Mali is fisrt of new colour series. Nice full-carved leg design. Carving on the head promt this is a star. He will conquer you with the clear and strong sound, as with the precise finishing and cool design. Are you ready to amaze yourself and your audience?

  • 7 800,00 Kč

    Djembe candy is here, are you ready to munch it? Very interesting and beautifully carved djembe shell from Diala wood. Such shell deserve of course a special "djembefola" skin. Extended bottom hitches with cross design and double roped on the top. Perfectly done two rings cut design. Not a huge drum. James bond among djembes - elegant killer, which you...