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Premium Line djembe drums are finished only by Several oilings and polishing, waxing, highly polished stainless steel rings, only the best pre-stretch ropes, hand selected premium malian and guinean goat and cow skins, perfect sound, the highest artistic quality carvings, all kinds of mahagon wood, custom built djembes and absolutely unique design and unbeatable finishing quality above all. Thats what every Premium Line djembe drum has! Premium Line djembes are finished with the maximum of care, consistency and creativity. Djembemafia Premium Line djembes are unbeatable in design, sound and quality!

  • 13 000,00 Kč

    Do you like weird shapes and sounds? Than this djembe drum is just for you! Professional djembe drum from Mali for sale. Djembemafia original djembe drum shape called Mushroom. Extra thick special spotted malian goat skin used. Very unusaual, but clear sound with perfect sound differnecies. One of the world´s hardest wood called Guelle. 

  • 14 300,00 Kč

    Professional djembe drum from Mali for sale. Djembemafia original djembe drum shape called Ivory Coast. Djemebmafia original exclusive cross hitches design, white tackless rubber foot and white decorative tack work. Amazing artistic carvings on perfect diala wood shell. Enjoy the perfect high pitch sound with big tone and slap difference. Heavenly looking...

  • 17 000,00 Kč

    Professional djembe drum for sale. Handcrafted from hard mahagony wood called Lenké. Djembemafia original djembe drum shape called Ivory Coast. Mounted with special calf skin that gives the drum ultimate and unmistakeable sound qualities! Big tone and slap difference! Tackless rubber foot, black tack work, artistic carvings, stainless steel rings, special...

  • 14 300,00 Kč

    Professional djembe drum for sale. Djembemafia original djembe drum shape called Senegal. Original exclusive diamond carving and diamond hitches design. Mounted with extra thick malian goat skin that provides very strong sound with real deep tones. Special strong ropevolution rope used. Black tackless rubberfoot, stainless steel rings and Pro Grip handle.

  • 11 000,00 Kč

    Custom built professional djembe drum made from hard mahagony Lenké wood. Absolutely breathtaking shape and look! Astonishing artistic carving. Honestly one of the most beautiful drums I ever saw. Excellent smooth skin flapover, special oiling methods, rubber foot. Huge lound clear sound with big tone and slap difference and extreme bass tones! True love.

  • 11 000,00 Kč

    “You can get much further with a kind word and a gun then you can with a kind word alone” ~ Al Capone

  • 10 500,00 Kč

    Welcome brand new and hard to make Djembemafia original hitches design! Beautiful professional djembe drum made from hard Haré wood. Special and longlasting wood care protection, rubber foot, amazing djembefola goat skin, perfect clear and strong sound with big tones differences, or special rope exlusivelly made for Djembemafia. All of that crwoning this...

  • 12 500,00 Kč

    Have you found the horse had in your bed today? Be aware of Scarface! Scarface djembe is truly unique djembe drum and I spent a lot of time on it! Skinned with 1mm horse skin and tuned to the max! You will need iron hands to tame that stallion, but than he will fly with you! Unbelievable sound with very deep round tones and sharp cracking slaps....

  • 13 500,00 Kč

    Beuatiful professional djembe drum made from the hardest and rare Guelle wood. Amazing artistic carvings, beautiful new djembemafia original Mali-Burkina body shape, djembemafia original cross hitches design, polished stainless steel rings, rubber foot, white tackwork, astonishing wood grain. Experience unique super strong clear rich sound with deep tones...